Get Involved

“How can I help?” “What can I do?” We hear this from so many of you we have met over the years. Now there is an answer that will empower the Lighthouse Charity Team to remain ready as we address the new needs and challenges within our communities.

Through the years we have been blessed with a variety of equipment. Each unit has a unique purpose that gives the team the ability to prepare and serve large quantities of food in most any circumstance and location. This equipment can be mobilized quickly and efficiently. We find that it is important to identify our contributors. We want the community to know that it is with your support and generosity that we are able to continue to respond. Read more about our programs to learn the various ways to give your support and the different ways you or your company can be honored at our events. Contributing in this way allows you to see your donations at work in making a difference in our community.

Ways Your Can Help

Sponsorship Team Program – provides the continued support for our team to say YES to those in need. This new program allows you to give a monthly financial donation that fits within your budget and allows the team to be ready to accomplish what is requested.

Donations – one time donations from individuals or companies gives us the boost we need when tragedy hits our area. We are always on the move to help people in need and your donations help a variety of organizations right here in our area.

Volunteering – We are always in need of people willing to volunteer their time and expertise in many facets of our operations. This is a very critical need during disasters when we mobilize to enter areas that need our services but we also are constantly improving our programs during the down times.

Corporate Matching Funds

Many companies match their employees donation to registered non-profit organizations. If your employer provides matching donations, please do let us know. This is an easy way to double your donation. All you need to do is mail in the matching contribution form from your company with your employment identification. We will then provide the details on The Lighthouse Charity Team (all donations are 100% tax-deductible under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code).

If you, your company, your neighbors or anyone you know is in a position to donate funds, please consider being a part of this Sponsorship Team Program. Please call Scott Gordon at (281) 482-9400 or Dick Daugird at (281) 482-6061 for more details. THANK YOU in advance for your generous support and love